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ComfortFit Workware

The ComfortFit Workware Trousers are the solution to work trousers that never bunch when standing or sitting for long periods of time
these are also avalible on a P.O.S Stands that allows retails to keep enough of the product without needing to keep spare/odd sizes. for more information on this please click Here or use the link on the Homepage

comfortfit Workware Trousers
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Chair Covers
made to order
here at dimensions we make alot of chair covers for weddings, we can make large ammounts to order, prices listed here for products such as these will be general, for a more accurate quoteation please contact us (see Contact Us Page) comfortfit Workware Trousers
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Made to order
we can also make curtains to order, again prices will be general here, for made to order prices contact us
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comfortfit Workware Trousers
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